Peace Yoga Love

Yoga Based Classes, Self Care Courses and Retreats




Peace Yoga Love is all about moving your body to get a full range of motion and build strength, balance and coordination whatever your capability, but most of all to learn self regulation skills based on yoga, meditation and mindfulness wisdom. Min prioritises making classes accessible to absolutely everyone; especially the most vulnerable in our community. Min’s teaching is friendly to beginners; people managing injury as well as experienced students. Peace Yoga Love offers friendly public yoga classes on on Sydney's Northern Beaches - with a year round schedule. Min hosts local one day and short break quarterly retreats focusing on self care and healing. Min is also available to teach corporate and private classes. There is no expectation of skill level, yoga clothes, body shape, age, fitness level or any other judgement. Regular classes are all drop in, there are no bookings, no terms and no catches. We have old people, young people, teenagers, inflexible people and bendy people, beginners and everyone in between in our classes - and that is just the way we like it. Please come and join us. Min is an experienced teacher with extensive training who works with all ages from under two to over eighty, and clients include Bear Cottage, Links to Learning, Ronald McDonald House, Karma Kids, Fitness First, Yoga by The Sea as well as teaching relaxation and chronic pain / anxiety coping skills classes two days a week for a social organisation supporting people who have experienced injury and trauma in their workplace. Min has trained in yoga based addiction recovery support and offers discounted classes for pension card holders.

Peace Yoga Love has a close relationship with Byron Yoga Centre.

Sasha now runs Freshwater as Yoga By The Sea

At Peace Yoga Love we provide mats, blocks, straps and blankets - everything you will need for your practice.  You are very welcome to bring along your own mat, or your own "blanket" in winter for covering up during relaxation. 

Do I need to book? there is never a need to book, simply arrive ten minutes prior to the class start time to book in, collect a mat and settle into a spot

Are the classes hard, easy or in-between?  all our teachers are trained to allow students of all levels to have a suitably challenging and enjoyable class - at the same time, together. Its part of our idea of community. There is enough clear alignment instruction on what to put where to accommodate a total beginner, and strength and insight to challenge a more advanced practitioner.

I am over 60 - are classes suitable for me? - we encourage everyone to work to the edge of their own limitations - we all have varying limitations in our physical capabilities - regardless of age.  Weight bearing exercise like yoga is brilliant for osteoporosis for example - and using the full range of motion in a joint allows your body to lubricate the joint - if you are really limited in your physical ability you can even join the class from a chair by prior arrangement.

What if I have an temporary or permanent injury - can I still come to class?  we are happy for you to modify your poses and intensity to allow for your injury and can provide advice if you are not sure how. 

Is it okay to be a bit late for class/leave a bit early?  We request that you respect yourself and your teacher and your fellow students by being timely but we appreciate that sometimes that goes wrong.  Ideally we prefer you arrive ten minutes prior to class to allow time to settle yourself mentally and physically.  Leaving up to 5 minutes early is OK but the class will give you the most benefit if you stay to the end. 

Can I park on the premises?  Mona Surf Club has ample paid parking (residents sticker parking)  and a cafe underneath us  

Can I take a shower after class? Yes - a hot shower is available 

Can I bring my pre-schooler/grandchild? - if a child is old enough to sit quietly for the entire class without disturbing others they are welcome to attend - similarly an infant in a pram who is settled or asleep is welcome - if they become unsettled or need attention, regardless of age, we ask that you take them to another area of the building.

I am pregnant can I come to classes?  We recommend not to attend class in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy because your body is just so busy at that time.   Our classes are general in their content and your teacher cannot watch you all the class as they are also watching the person with spinal fusion, or a knee replacement etc., Even after 12 weeks here are a number of poses that are not safe for pregnant women that we practice in our classes regularly, consequently you will need to be sufficiently familiar with yoga to self regulate as the teacher cannot remove all those poses from a general class nor can they constantly supervise you in a class full of people with different needs.  Over time during a pregnancy the number of poses in a general class that will be suitable for you will diminish. We recommend attending specific prenatal classes where the whole class will be safe for you and your baby.  If you have an existing relationship with a teacher you could arrange via Min to request your continuing attendance during a pregnancy.

What is the rate for a casual drop-in class? Is that cash only? all classes are available to drop in students - our class rates are $15 per person per class payable in cash at the class or online in advance.  There is a monthly pass system including a special first month pass for new or lapsed students ( 6 months or more ).


We recommend wearing soft comfortable stretchy clothing.


Your practice will benefit if you refrain from eating heavy food for two hours prior to class and we do not recommend drinking water during class - but we don't mind if you do.


Peace Yoga Love teachers are qualified yoga teachers with appropriate insurance and first aid certificates.  We all have our own favorite way of practicing, with the common thread of our training - we like to say we are same same but different!