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Peace Yoga Love is all about moving your body to get a full range of motion and build strength, balance and coordination whatever your capability, but most of all to learn self regulation skills based on yoga, meditation and mindfulness wisdom. Min prioritises making classes accessible to absolutely everyone; especially the most vulnerable in our community. Min’s teaching is friendly to beginners; people managing injury as well as experienced students. Peace Yoga Love offers friendly public yoga classes on on Sydney's Northern Beaches - with a year round schedule. Min hosts local one day and short break quarterly retreats focusing on self care and healing. Min is also available to teach corporate and private classes. There is no expectation of skill level, yoga clothes, body shape, age, fitness level or any other judgement. Regular classes are all drop in, there are no bookings, no terms and no catches. We have old people, young people, teenagers, inflexible people and bendy people, beginners and everyone in between in our classes - and that is just the way we like it. Please come and join us. Min is an experienced teacher with extensive training who works with all ages from under two to over eighty, and clients include Bear Cottage, Links to Learning, Ronald McDonald House, Karma Kids, Fitness First, Yoga by The Sea as well as teaching relaxation and chronic pain / anxiety coping skills classes two days a week for a social organisation supporting people who have experienced injury and trauma in their workplace. Min has trained in yoga based addiction recovery support and offers discounted classes for pension card holders.

Peace Yoga Love has a close relationship with Byron Yoga Centre.

Sasha now runs Freshwater as Yoga By The Sea

Yoga for Grief

Every life has its measure of sorrow, and sometimes it is this that awakens us.

Steven Tyler


I was visiting Norway just after the terrible massacre that took place July 2011 in Oslo and witnessed an extraordinary outpouring of grief.  This was grief, not for a loved one ( although many were lost) but for a nation that had lost its innocence. Norwegians have such a strong belief in non violence that prior to and even after this event their police are not armed.

During our lives we witness and experience many expressions of mourning, the grief of losing a love, a loved one, national suffering,  a treasured possession, of growing old and missing our youth!

Anitya in Sanskrit or Annika in Buddhism is the concept that our world is impermanent, it is in a constant state of inevitable change, of birth, maintenance, decline and decay as exhibited by night and day, the seasons, birth to death. Buddhists believe it is our attachment and consequent resistance to change that is the cause of all future suffering.

It can bring comfort to your mourning to acknowledge the inevitable nature of change.  Recently in class we also talked about Tapas - austerities or practices to support your body and soul ( see separate blog).  Tapas is an important tool to utilize in processing grief in your life, much better than other learned habits such as comfort eating or taking to the sofa and movies - consider a regular yoga class, meditation, a long term commitment to eat healthy food. A commitment to Tapas can help you to heal your body and soul.

Whilst Annika can be the cause of grief, it can also support grief, you can lean on the rhythm of the day, the week, the seasons and the year to bring yourself to the present moment time and again as you would on the mat with your breath.  Marking the time with rhythm and ritual, celebrations and daily routine, Sunday drives and winter soups, spring picnics, birthday dinners, religious holidays and car washing day and of course intertwine all of this with your tapas.

When I was devastated by the loss of my beautiful mum I found the yoga mat an uncomfortable place at times, it was hard to be still, harder still to be open, my practice needed to be more grounding, full of forward bends and going inside, strong and engaging.  Over time I have come to enjoy the long term benefits and healing of sitting with the discomfort of being present for a heart opening posture;  returning to a long still silent savasana.

At other times the ability to come out of my head and into my body in class one breath at a time were blessings that healed me pose by pose - yoga can do so much to support our shadows.

This week in class our teachers are supporting two of our students ( that we know of ) facing significant grief in their lives with a week of yoga for grief, expect lots of forward bends, long savasana, some heart openers and requests for you to be really honest and present with yourself on the mat.  Core and base chakra poses also enable emotional grounding to support your grief.  We look forward to meeting you in a safe, supportive healing way.

Peace and Love