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At Peace Yoga Love our philosophy is to make yoga available to everyone and especially the most vulnerable in our community. Peace Yoga Love offers friendly community yoga classes on on Sydney's Northern Beaches - we have regularly scheduled yoga classes with experienced and knowledgeable yoga teachers. Min is also developing online yoga based self care courses for remote students and devising a retreat program. We offer a free class once a week for pension card holders. There is no expectation of skill level, yoga clothes, body shape, age, fitness level or any other judgement. Our classes are all drop in, there are no bookings, no terms and no catches. Our classes will suit beginner through to experienced yoga students. Peace Yoga Love is run by Min, who is absolutely passionate about Yoga being accessible and affordable to everyone, as it should be! We have old people, young people, inflexible people and bendy people, beginners and everyone in between in our classes - and that is just the way we like it. Please come and join us for a class.

Peace Yoga Love has a close relationship with Byron Yoga Centre.

Kerry now runs Terrey Hills as Nourished Yoga

Sasha now runs Freshwater as Yoga By The Sea

Spring Detox - Twist into Spring

This week our Peace Yoga Love teachers are helping your body do what it naturally feels like doing at this time of the year as the weather shifts to warm - detox!  Suddenly we just all naturally decide to cook salad instead of soup - raw instead of cooked, lighter meals, throwing the windows open. Its SPRING!

We are going to be doing some intense twists and other detoxifying practices in class, each teacher will be bringing their own twist to the theme!

We are suggesting you pick a couple of classes, morning and evening on the same day or 24 or 48 hours apart and taking time between the classes to give your body space by eating a small amount of fruit, drinking vast amounts of water and eating as many veges as you can; nothing else.  We believe you will feel absolutely AMAZING!

Other ways to detox your body and life

  • have a spring clean of the house - re distribute to others belongings you don't use regularly - it invites space and makes way for the new
  • take time to make up some cleaning sprays in bottles from the $2 shop to reduce the chemical load in your home ( here is some info on that
  • make a lemon and warm water or cider vinegar and warm water drink and have it each day half an hour before eating
  • sit for five minutes each day in still silent meditation to declutter the mind
  • consider a regular detox program like the 5/2 diet that has been amazingly popular this year - there is a fascinating documentary by Michael Mosely that is quite compelling on our current way of eating which means that our body is never empty, never truly hungry - he believes that when we fast our body is allowed to switch into a healing mode - below is a link to the documentary - it runs for an hour; the books to support it are in every book shop -\
  • replace a meal a day with a green smoothie with a few superfoods inside - its a great way to pack in some nutrients, give your body an easy to digest meal and increase the dark leafy greens in your diet - here is a resource for delicious smoothies
  • we would love you to post about your detox ideas on our facebook page under the detox post.

See you on the mat

Peace and Love